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This class page was put together by Mr Perkins - class teacher for Dosbarth Broga. If you have any particular questions or would like any additional work for your child email him at

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Mr Perkins     Mrs Evans     Mr Fryer     Miss Whittle



World Book Day 2021


The children and staff in Broga enjoyed creating our collaborative board about Roald Dahl.

The boys drew and described their chosen characters and researched some interesting facts about the author.

Food Chains


This term we have been learning about food chains. The boys have worked together to make stop motion food chains from different habitats. Take a look at out creations below

Ocean Food Chain

Still image for this video

Arctic Food Chain

Still image for this video

Rainforest Food Chain

Still image for this video

Hi Everyone,


Just a few ideas to keep busy for week 2

Maths / Numeracy


Why not sign up for free to Carol Vorderman's The Maths Factor and complete different games around maths.


There is usually a cost for this membership, but once again, they're offering it as a free service during the COVID-19 Pandemic.



English / Literacy


Time for a bit of fun...


Last week I watched a rugby show on BBC1 Wales where Deadly 60 presenter Steve Backshall made a fantasy rugby team using different animals and explained his reasons for his choices.


Take a look...

Your task...


Create your own animal football team. Think about your formation, I'm going to go with a 4-4-2. You need to explain your choices. Try to involve someone else at home and see who can create the best team explaining why.


Send me your teams and I'll compare them with mine.


I will give you a sneaky peak at my goal keeper and reasons why... can you think of a better animal to put in this position? Let me know!



Goal Keeper - The Albatross

Goal Keeper - Albatross


The Albatross has a huge wingspan that can measure over 3m wide! This would be awesome for blocking shots, and covering most of the goal when there is a penalty. Also... as it is a bird it will be able to fly and intercept any crosses coming in to the box!



Now to think of my defense!


Daily Tasks


  • Help set the dinner table. Correct positions for knives and forks... don't forget the condiments (salt & sauces). Offer your family members a drink.
  • Make your bed.
  • Put your clothes away.
  • Try to hoover/vacuum my bedroom this week.
  • Help wash up, or unload the dishwasher carefully!




Let's get you thinking again laugh


Emoji Quiz - Children's Films

P.E with Joe | Tuesday 31st March 2020

Day 7 of my 9am daily workouts

Try to visit Joe every day to keep fit an active - Physical activity is great for our well-being!




Ideas for Home Learning - Week 1


Maths / Numeracy


It is always useful to know our times tables. I recommend starting with your 2,5 & 10 times tables before moving on to your 3 and 4. We're pretty good at these ones in Broga - but they're always worth revisiting. Once you've nailed these, try your 6,7,8 and 9 times table.


Why not try and record your scores to try and beat the following day!



There are plenty of other maths games for you to try on the TopMarks Website too laugh



English / Literacy



We read on a daily basis in Broga -  and would encourage home reading as well. Children could read two pages at breakfast, two pages at lunch or two pages before bed. Ask your child what they have read, for example: 

What is the name of the main character?

Where does the story take place?

What do you think will happen next?

Tell me your favourite character, and explain why you like them.


Talking and Orcay Skills


Talking and listening to your child is just as important. 

We watch Newsround regularly which allows the children to understand the news using child friendly language. Click on the link below to watch daily updates.


Again, ask your children questions about the articles to see if they have understood what is going on in the world.

Where is it taking place? Which Continent? Which Country? Which UK City? Who is involved? Do you think it will have an impact on us?



10 Easy Science Experiments - That Will Amaze Kids

I've made sure that most of these experiments are very easy and include household items.

Why not try a few at home - My Favoruite is the Bouncy Egg, although the home made air hockey looks fun too!

Random Tasks for the Day


  1. Learn to cook – the basics like boiling an egg, buttering toast or making a sandwich
  2. Make your own bed…..properly!
  3. Do a random act of kindness
  4. Learn how to work the washing machine
  5. Try a new food you’ve never tried before


How many of these can you achieve in your first week off?


Twinkl is an online resource site with 1000's of activities. You usually have to pay and subscribe for their services, however with the COVID-19 pandemic, they are offering parents free use - Simply enter the code below.

For more ideas, please visit other class pages.

Let's get you thinking... Can you work out how many squares and how many triangles you can see?