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Activity 1 - Rhyming Poetry


Look at the features of a poem. Recap on what the word 'rhyming' means. Look at 'Rhyming Word Recap' and see what the missing words are. Once you have familiarised yourself with rhyming words, begin to plan your own short rhyming poem using the template. Think of your theme (animals, history, family), then begin to write down a list of words to do with that theme, and words which rhyme together. If you are really having difficulty, have a look at our spelling list this week as they are rhyming words. You can also look at rhyming dictionaries online. 



Activity 2 - Split Digraphs


Split Digraphs are phonic sounds which are not directly together in a word. For example, 'ae' makes the (ayyyy) sound in snake. This can make spellings very  tricky. Take a look at some of the split digraph activities to help with tricky spellings.