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For this weeks extension activities, I have set some math challenges to extend from our 'symmetry' topic. 


These extension tasks can be used in isolation or can be used as additional activities following the symmetry activities outlined on the 'weekly overview'.


It would be of real benefit for your child to be confident in identifying the names of different 2d and 3d shapes before proceeding with this activity. Practise the names of the shapes daily.



Activity 1 - Reflection of Shapes


There are four pages for this activity. 


The aim is to reflect the shapes shown on to the opposite side. If your child is having real difficulty doing this, encourage them to count how many squares away the shape is from the line of symmetry. A small mirror would be useful in supporting understanding of this activity. 




Activity 2  - Symmetry of Polygons


Firstly research what the term 'polygon', 'irregular polygon, 'regular polygon' and 'quadrilateral' means. 


Match the correct statement to the correct shape. 


Identify which polygons are irregular or regular.