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Listening games

1. Draw a picture and then while you describe what you have drawn, your sibling/parent/carer has to draw what you are describing. Compare your drawings.


2. Make up riddles about an object or person you know and see if your sibling/parent/carer can guess what or who it is. For example, ‘They wear skirts, they have grey hair, and they live in a flat. Who are they?’


3. Play ‘Repeat the sound’. Create a movement or sound (for example, click your fingers, tap your foot twice, or cough). Ask your sibling/parent/carer to copy you and add another movement or sound on at the end. You then have to repeat their movement/sound and yours back and forth, without forgetting any. This game works with two or more players and is a great way to encourage listening, memory, and concentration skills. It is also good fun!