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This class page was put together by Mrs Smith - Deputy Headteacher and class teacher for Dosbarth Pry-Copyn. If you have any particular questions or would like any additional work for your child email her at  

A Warm  Welcome to Pry Copyn Class Page


 Welcome back after the Easter break.I hope you and your families have all enjoyed the good weather and of course had some yummy Easter eggs .

I will continue to update this page regularly with ideas and activities for home learning during the on going school closure period.We understand that this a stressful period for everyone and would not wish to add extra pressure to families.Therefore there is no expectation that any or all the tasks are completed , they are simply suggestions.


There are a lot of fun and exciting resources being made available at this time , so a good way to encourage learning  at home would be to start with things that they find interesting.

All pupils have been given a card with details of their  HWB account - this allows them access to a range of resources   including Mine Craft for Education

Please click on the star icons below to view activities and resources to support home learning.

Summer Term 2020 Home Learning


Over the next few weeks ,instead of posting work in the topic area I would like the pupils to choose a topic they are interested in or a hobby and to complete a mini topic , which could include a power point presentation .

 For example one pupil is doing a project on snakes and has produced  a wonderful power point on the pros and cons of having a snake as a pet .Or perhaps create your super football dream team  and explain why you have chosen certain players.