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Speech and Language

Message from Miss Whittle laugh

Hello September!


Hope you've all had a lovely, chilled summer and looking forward to getting back to school. I can't wait to see you all.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be checking in with children in my 'bubble' who have accessed interventions previously and we will be busy customising our room, I'm looking forward to sharing pictures of the finished project. 

If you do have any queries about the interventions please don't hesitate to contact me at or via Class Dojo


Stay safe & keep in touch


Play has a huge role in language development. 

This is a great opportunity to play, interact and have fun together.

Play Wales has some great information on the importance of play and playing at home. Take a look at this handy booklet

They have also put together a list of easy play ideas using objects found around the home. See how many you can try and don't forget to send in some photos.



You can find more fun ideas here:

Verbal Reasoning


Why not have a go at the picture quiz below together (Hint: they all begin with the letter s) 

Try using the SAGE template from SpeechLink to explain your answers



For example : 

what can you see? I can see a forked tongue and scales

what do you already know? I know that there are some animals that have scales

what can you guess? I can guess that this is an animal

explain your answer. I think this is a snake because a snake is an animal which has scales and a forked tongue

Why not use some of the prompts in the pdf files above to spark some interesting conversations or create stories together. Can you think of any of your own?